Poohjoisen Luonto


Order local, traditionally prepared venison right to your doorstep from the hands of our own chef. The meat is vacuum-packed and is delivered all over Finland.  

Contact us and choose the parts and quantity of the meat you want. We arrange the delivery time directly with you. Ask more about pricing information and delivery options: 046 638 4738 or janne@pohjoisenluonto.fi. 

Our venison is free-grown, self-hunted and inspected by a veterinarian. It’s rare to get this close to the origin of the food. Ask more about our deer products! 

We work from love towards nature. Respecting nature and being thankful towards forest and its offerings has always been an essential part of Finnish wildlife culture. In Finland, this respect is reflected not only by our internationally unique everyman’s rights, but also by the fact that hunting is licensed and sustainably planned population management. Sustainably hunted domestic game is an ethical choice according to WWF’s meat guide, for example. 



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